Journal 1: Photographers En Masse

Where there are fashion runway shows, there are never lack of photographers.

On 25 March, I was having late lunch at the Marina Square food court. The fashion show was about to start and I had quite a good view from up above. I stayed for a while, not before shooting at the shooters.

Journal 2: Final Shutdown

For many years, the Ang Mo Kio Central Hawker Centre and Wet Market have closed several times for minor retrofits. Everytime the place reopened, we looked and wondered what kind of changes did they make. Finally, the authorities realised that retrofit is not good enough and finally decided to tear down the entire place and rebuild it. The difference however, is that this time, many owners have decided to leave for good, probably had enough of the many disruptions over the past few years.

I was there on the last day of operation, 31 March. Some stalls have already dismantled their wares, while some are still open for the crowds.

Journal 3: Robertson Quay

Let the pictures do the talking.

All images taken by Fuji F31fd

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