See the IM chat window to the lower right on this screen called ‘Meebo Me’? This is a widget that tells you whether I am online. And if I am, you can chat with me, 1-on-1. It’s not a tagboard, but an instant messenging chat box with me, like MSN, Yahoo Messenger. So no one except you and me can view the messages.

Before you start chatting, please enter your real name or nick name, so that I can identify you as an individual, or else I cannot associate you if you frequent my site for a quick chat.

I have a friend who uses this widget to chat with me at his school’s public computer since it is a hassle to login to MSN. Meebo is really a cool tool and if you register a free account with them, you can create your own widget on your blog sites. Meebo is also a platform to access all your IM accounts via the web, so you can see all your friends across all your IM in a single window. And you can also save your chat logs, an important feature that is rarely available to web-based IM applications.

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