Do you feel sometimes that there is a telepathic connection with the person close to you? That the connection is so strong that your body emulates the physical characteristics on the person?

We know that as married couples age, they kind of resemble each other. Scientists have found out that people who gets affected with someone else’s yawn are people who are more empathic. So could that apply to other conditions, for instance, menstrual cramps, or stomach discomfort, or acne growth?

This morning, I was woken up by a sharp pain on my tummy. It feels crampy, and occurs rhythmically. I wondered: is this how it feels during labour contractions? Could this be a sign to allow me to experience the pains of labour that my wife might be going through soon?

After quite a while, I could bear the pain no more, I dragged myself out of bed to the toilet. The cramp came and went, but I didn’t feel the bowels were coming. Perhaps it’s not there yet. Thinking that I felt better, I returned to bed.

Moments later, the ‘contractions’ came back. I got out of bed once again, this time, the bowels seemed more pertinent. I finally let go after a lengthy physical trauma which includes numbness on my hands and abdomen, a sign of blood loss to other parts of my body, typical behaviour of a very bad diarrhea. I tried to use the breathing technique taught by the antenatal teacher, but of little effect. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough: I didn’t wanna wake up my light-sleeping wife.

All these happened around 5am. I spent the rest of the day emptying my premature bowels and flatulences. Even now, I still felt slight pain, but I know it’s getting better.

Now that our little one is growing and maturing, we hope that this special force be with us to understand her and to help her grow mentally and physically.

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