For months I have been receiving email requests from my friends to be added in community portals like TAGGED, WAYN (Where Are You Now), and WhoLivesNearYou, to name a few. Finally, over the weekend, I decided to sign up for all these accounts for the sake of signing and to create a presence in the virtual community (better than letting my identity being stolen or falsely represented by pranksters).

Anyway, I was browsing through WhoLivesNearYou, a localised virtual community by Pacific Net, and it’s quite neat, considering they actually base on your actual residential address to show your neighbours in the same block, or people around the vicinity. Each member needs to activate their account by paying an annual charge of $2 via the mobile operator’s post-paid bill, so this reduces identity spams and fake accounts.

Then I came across this 21-year-old female ‘neighbour’ and she caught my eye, so I read her profile. And this is what she posted under ‘Who I Want To Meet’:

If u are over 23, please. dont . talk. to. ME. Anything older than that i consider calling u uncle. okay? You may think i am sarcastic but Who in the right mind will want to know a 30 year old uncle when i am freakin 20? get real here.

I leave it to you to judge her. All I want to share is that one should not judge a person by his or her age. Age does not reveal the mental maturity of the person, and certainly no longer represent the physical condition, looking at all the anti-aging solutions in the market. A 30-year-old man can look and think like a 22-year-old, and a 21-year-old girl can look and think like a 12-year-old. What matters is the attitude and comfort.

I’m just using her as a case in example. I’m sure there are lots of people out there with similar mentality, but just that they did not voice out. Just like there are lots of older guys out there who only wants to meet young teenage girls, but never declares. At least with this particular girl’s forthright note, it made me realise that there are such people out there with such mentality.

So you are probably asking me: what kind of people do I like to meet?

I like to make friends who enjoys talking about topics which interests me. I like to meet new friends that is different from the previous, so that I have various social circles. I like to make friends that treats you like one, not just a networking tool. I like friends who appreciate you for what you do. I like friends who enjoy talking to me even if I have nothing much to say for all the ramblings that you may have because of a bad day’s work. It’s not about age, not about gender, but all about the company.

I don’t like to network. I don’t like to socialise. But I like to make friends.

For there is no expiry date for friends. Friends live inside you for life. You could lose touch for a decade and then when you meet again, the feeling stays.


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