Fred Lin is a young aspiring musician whose belief in music is so strong that he’s devoted his time and life to it. He’s planning for a trip to China under the invitation of his potential music company employer, and he’s enrolled in a music school in Canada. All at the age of 24.

Nowadays, young people have all the opportunity to expose themselves, many thanks to the Internet.

It’s good that he’s doing all this while he’s young. If he makes it, there’s no need to turn back. If he doesn’t, there’s still time to turn back.

I’m actually not that old, but socially-speaking, I have entered a new phase in life where I no longer have the freedom to do what young people do. I am going to be a father.

There are sacrifices in life. Many people in their 30s sacrifice family for freedom, but when they reach the 40s, they realised that what they gain in wealth, they lose in life.

What is living without experience the various stages of life – childhood, teens, youth, adult, work, marriage, sex, pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, retirement, death. If we only live once, don’t you want to experience at least once? It’s not like as if you can do it some other time, you know. But don’t get me wrong: some things are not worth trying because they are not a biological part of life, e.g. smoking, drugs, crime.

For instance, pregnancy may sound painful, but after attending the antenatal classes, you are amazed at the wonders of Nature, at how a 7-pound baby can find its way out through the tiny birth canal of a mother. And even before that, how a mother’s body makes room to allow the baby to grow inside her. It’s not like as if you can write a computer program to do all these. In fact, the program is already coded in our genes.

I’m looking forward to see the changes that may come with the newborn child. For better or for worse, life is about changes and adapting changes.

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