For months, I have been thinking of ways to route my keyboard sounds into the microphone so that I can deliver real-time music to my MSN contacts while we chat. One way is to of course put the mic next to the speakers, but that means I have to turn on the speaker volume, which I usually don’t as I use headphones. But what I really wanted was a software routing of audio channels instead of cable loopback.

Last week one evening, I decided to do the primitive way: I took an audio cable and physically channeled the line-out sound into the mic-in slot. Result: works like a dream. Tested on a few MSN contacts and they could listen to my audio playback clearly. Success!! An added benefit: they get to see me live at work via webcam. The drawback: one audience at a time. I can only playback the audio via video call, and I can only make one video call at a time.

The best thing is that even with all the cable routings, my existing audio setup remains unaffected. That’s because my EMU sound box has plenty of extra input/output channels to go around. Should have realised long ago.

Next thing: finding a way to do live music broadcast to a group of people, and I mean ‘live’, like radio, not recorded broadcast. And it must be free, no software installation required.

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