Not referring to the end-product, actually. But the initial process of producing the first show.

I was watching a 2-hour feature, “Behind the Mask: The Story of the Phantom of the Opera” last week on TV and it reflects how difficult and challenging it is to produce a great musical. It takes more than talent and inspiration, and a lot of luck, connection and vision, without which the musical would not have developed fully.

Even towards the opening night, changes are constantly made to the libretto. Of course, it helps to have talented cast and musicians to adapt to the changes.

Music, lyrics, costumes, sets, effects, cast, director, producer. The production is only as successful as its weakest link.

It reminded me of the musical incubation programme I experienced with Musical Theatre Society (MTS), and that it is heading the right direction in nurturing local musicals to the big stage.

If you are aspiring to do something in the musical field, visit and join the programme.

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