Suddenly I yearn for the freedom of time. I don’t mean I need more time, but rather, time free from routines: work, family, class, etc.

It’s often true that you tend to mix with the type of people that has similar lifestyles as you, so that you can have time with these people. For me, I have the slight misfortune (or maybe not) to meet people that somehow clashes with my routine. People that seems to be free only before 7pm and during weekdays, and busy in the evenings and during weekends. Basically, if I were to spend time with them, I would have no time for family and other stuffs.

I feel that I should very soon get away from the routine office lifestyle, that is somehow slowly draining me of my health. Sometimes I hope I can have a more active job scope that requires me to run around, keep me on my toes. I enjoy walking, to me it’s therapeutic, and it’s a luxury as compared to 8 hours of stationary sitting position. It’s not like as if you are permitted to walk or run around.

That’s why I enjoy doing photography, because it’s part of the job that requires you to walk around, run about. Yes it’s tiring, but after a good rest, you’re back in the action. It’s like rechargeable batteries: you need to keep using it to keep the charge in optimal condition.

On another note, I just noticed that the computer keyboard quality nowadays are really bad. I used to have keyboards years back that lasts so long that I can’t bear to dispose of them. Today, I was looking at my 3 month old keyboard and realised that many of the keys have worn of the markings, and a few even lost its smoothness. And that is a Logitech keyboard, mind you. Even my relatively expensive designer mouse has the surface tarnished.

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