Caitanya longs for a career in Musical Theatre, and she is one step closer to her dream. I read her latest blog post about her audition to enroll into La Salle, the post filled with so much determination, that I feel inadequate at where I am now.

I remembered at the age of 16, I too went for an interview/audition at La Salle. That was when I was deciding whether to embark in the arts route or the academic ‘A’-level path. Then, I was not confident enough to accept the road less traveled.

In a way, I am quite lucky. I rediscovered my passions along the way, and they continue to grow over the years. But they never really rocketed: my passion is not strong enough for my dreams to take flight. I have a heavy load to carry with me, my responsibilities to my family.

Family man, or free-soul artist?


  1. You are really good at what you do chessie!! Thank you for all the beautiful music you give to the world, as well as the beautiful memories of youth and happiness. You captured alot of the times when I was still a happy girl…and just recently, the few moments where I am able to smile.

    I am one step closer becuase of people like you in my life! And I thank God that he gave me you.

    Congratulations on being a daddy chessie! Hope you know how to wrap diapers! Hahahahahhahaha!!!

    Loads of Love to you and the missus…

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