My company is under virus attack. The first thing that I saw on my PC when I logged in was the anti-virus application cleaning up some viruses. Other than that, the PC seems to be ok. But some of my colleagues aren’t that lucky. Their PC is infected and while the AV app is furiously cleaning up every attack, it seems that the machine is a goner.

I’m not taking any chances though. I’m now only running IE and Firefox, accessing my office email via the internet. The idea is NOT to access anything within the office server network. I’ve always experience system slowdown whenever I run Windows Explorer, which when activated will connect to network folders. Although I’m no computer expert, common sense tells me that it’s the persistent accessing to these network folders that causes some form of retardation on my system. That shows how outdated Windows 2000 architecture is.

Latest development seems to point to an outdated AV application. Seems like those PCs who are still running an older version are infected.

Lots of events have happened since my last post, but I was kindda busy to write them. But here I am, forced by the virus attack to update something here. Afterall, we can’t do anything on the PC now… except surfing the web!

There was the spring cleaning activity, where my wife wrote a list of to-do items for me to accomplish. There was the Sake Appreciation event organised my my alma mater, Catholic High Alumni, where I met a few of my long-lost classmates and even my Chinese teacher. But I’ll share my experiences here if I get a chance, that is, before life moves on.

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