Last night, our family went for a sumptuous dinner to celebrate the Lunar New Year, a tradition known as ‘reunion dinner’, although it doesn’t really apply to us because we see each other at least once a week hence no need for ‘reunion’.

We dine at Peach Garden at OCBC Centre branch 33rd floor, an absolute classy restaurant with great food. Even Tommy Koh went there for his family dinner (yes we saw him).

First dish: Tossing of Raw Fish.
Second dish, green vegetables (didn’t snap)

Third dish, individual servings of Snow Fish.

Next, individual servings of Honey Pork Ribs.

Last, glass noodles.
Complimentary Nian Gao (Chinese New Year cake).

And finally, dessert! Pulot Hitam with vanilla ice cream served in a coconut husk!

All photos above taken using Fujifilm Finepix F31fd, shot at ISO800, no flash, handheld. That is almost unheard of in the compact camera market. While most digicams have a maximum ISO of 800 – and with awful quality, F31fd proudly snaps at ISO800 when shot using Auto mode at indoors. Which digicam has the balls to set the auto ISO to so high as to risk producing poor images? Although at close scrutiny, you do see obvious artefacts, but as a casual camera to the layman, it is good enough, really so much better than the normal digicams at high ISO. Afterall, you cannot expect images at ISO800 to look like ISO100. Anyway, if you need quality images, you can always shoot at ISO100.

I never expect to buy Fujifilm digicams. I have always supported Canon digicams, and they still are good. But F31fd produces usable images at indoors and no-flash, even self-portraits, thanks to Face Detection technology.


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