Met my parents for lunch today. Mum brought a few Piano Spa CDs for me to autograph. She told me that she bought them at THAT CD SHOP at an offer – 3 for $49.90. Best of all, THAT CD SHOP also stocks Piano Spa and Piano Spa 2. So this is the best value for you guys out there wanting to get the entire Piano Spa collection – 90 songs in all – at $49.90. That’s less than 60 cents per song – cheaper than an MP3 download, more value than a 15-second ringtone, and guarantee to challenge your insomnia condition.

Listen to samples of all Piano Spa albums at


  1. Hi Chester,

    Gabriel (Hall V NTU) here. I’ve just bought your Bliss album too. Me and my wife loved it. Just to drop you a msg to compliment your good works.


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