Chin-gay, Ching-ay

For years I have been wondering what does a procession of floats and dances along a public road got to do with being gay. Then I realise that it’s not ‘gay’ but ‘ay’, a dialect pronunciation for ‘art performance’.

Anyway, I got tickets for the prelude show last Friday to watch from inside the parade, along the roads, away from the crowds who are getting a view from behind the barricade. Rain poured in late afternoon but thankfully it cleared up before the show began.

A young spectator waits eagerly for the start of the parade.
McD staff taking a peek at the event.
Tourists being inconvenienced by the road closure. The only way to cross to the other side of the road is to walk all the way to Ngee Ann City underpass, about 600 metres away.

Lovebirds got a clear spot.

So did this family.
And these group.
The organiser let in the public to sit along the sidelines before the actual parade starts.

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