I found a new past-time: sight-seeing in the comfort of my PC, thanks to Google Maps.

I always knew about Google Earth which requires an installation of an application to access the satellite images. But it seems that I can do the same thing using Google Maps, via a web browser. I have always relied on streetdirectory.com to look for roads and buildings, until my colleague told me he could access Singapore maps via Google. I am very impressed with the ease of use on the website: all you need is the mouse to do all the clicking, dragging, zooming in and out. The images load rather fast, and I could feel as if I am up up up in the air holding a telescope and zooming in on buildings, roads, landmarks.

Apparently, not all countries are available in map form. As of today, the only countries in South-east Asia that has directory maps are Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. But the satellite images are available in most locations around the world.

Another amazing application from Google. http://maps.google.com/

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