A Day For Valentines

I gave my wife a compact digicam for Valentine’s Day. She loved it. So do I. Fujifilm FinePix F31fd is one unique digicam that delivers clear grain-free images at high ISO. I am usually a supporter for Canon Powershot, and I still believe in Canon’s image quality. However, at high ISO, Canon is no different from other digicams out there. Fuji created a unique selling factor that makes this model one of the most sellable digicam in the market. And to make the buy irresistible, it’s a mere S$500++.

To finance this camera, I sold off one of my precious Nikon lens, which is fine coz anyway I spent some cash on a Tamron lens a few weeks back.

We spent V’day doing facials at our skin care centre, followed by a deluxe meal at Yoshinoya. I pampered myself by buying some clothes at G2000. The rest of the evening was glued to the TV watching HEROES and American Idol before retiring after the ever-exciting CSI Miami. I also caught a glimpse of ‘A Simple Life’, the first time I saw it, and I was like “Did they actually do those ridiculous things like washing clothes in a swimming pool and cooking breakfast using irons”? Amazing.

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