I have been spending more time with my pregnant wife. Evenings have become more fulfilling and interactive with her. After her bath, I will apply anti-stretch cream on her growing tummy, talking to my growing baby, and at the same time listening to soothing music.

I am very bad at talking to nothing with someone over me. In other words, I can act crazy or talk rubbish by myself but not when someone is around. So how can my wife expect me to talk to her tummy? I tried talking gibberish but she couldn’t stand the nonsense, so she took out one of her pregnancy books and asked me to read it. Anyway, she told me, babies won’t understand anything we say, so the reading contents doesn’t matter, only the voice does.

So I did, and I think I enjoyed doing that.

Still, I try very hard to optimise my time to accommodate some of my other commitments like music and photography. Last Sunday, I left house at 8am to journey to town in search for photographic inspirations. It reminded me of the days when I worked in Taipei, that I would take a bus to travel to some places and to get some images.

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