Xiaxue brewed another storm on her blog. This time, she discussed about a US Marine who allegedly raped a girl in The Philippines. As usual, after the blog was posted, there were hundreds of comments. This led to a follow-up post to clarify her opinions. This ‘double-post’ was rather common in her blog, due to her frequent brushes on controversial issues.

I find her opinions very rational and justified. If she were to share this with a friend, I don’t think her friend will go against her views.

But in this virtual community, people love to leave a mark on popular sites for a desire to get noticed and get indirect traffic links from these sites.

From a reader point of view, I find her posts very entertaining and insightful. It demonstrates her intelligence of analysis rather than a showcase of her personality. I read and learn something from her, to stir my own thoughts, and to blog in my own blogspot.

On the other hand, from a savvy surfer point of view, I would want to garner attention and leave my footprints on such a popular site where I can.

I believe Xiaxue is rather pleased to see so many feedback from the first post, or else she would not have an excuse to post a long follow-up article.

People hate to be proven right. In Xiaxue’s argument, she shares her view as a real person, giving her views as a single individual through her personal analysis and logical deduction. What she shares is not a textbook response: anyone knows that rape is a crime and should be punished. And if the case is nothing to argue about, then there’s nothing to talk about.

Will her response change the judgement? No. Will her opinion change your life? Most likely not. So just read it and leave it. It’s her blog, her spot, and she can write what she likes.

Jaslyn also has her share of problems. There is this anonymous person who often posts mean things on her tagboard. It’s hard to understand why the person continues to post negative remarks on her blog. If the person is so annoyed with her blog, why does the person keep returning to the blog over and over again?

Obviously, the person is out to hurt her.

On the Internet world, one cannot take things too seriously. The ability to create a persona on the web easily is the very reason why the Internet is such a mess. People still feels that they can be bolder in their attitude and behaviour because Big Brother can’t watch. It is hard to regulate because there is no borders or boundaries like countries where each country can be governed by their own laws. Just like the recent case where a Brazilian model was caught making out on a beach, and the footage was uploaded on YouTube. The Brazilian government can’t do much because YouTube is based on U.S.

At the end of the day, web users must not be gullible with what they see or read on the Internet. The question now is: do you believe what I say here?


  1. Oh! U mentioned me 🙂

    Yea, I dont understand why this anonymous cant just leave me alone and stop coming to my blog. Isnt that the best way if u dislike the person?

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