Some people felt that Piano Spa 3 came a little too soon, as the Piano Spa 2 was launched only in July last year, and people might not have listened enough. Or could be perceived to be a mass-produced album.

I guess the album is timed for the festive and Valentine season. Judging by the sunflower design, it does look very chirpy and sweet.

Some people encouraged me to write other types of music. I felt that I should stick to what I do best. To me, writing music is not for commercial benefit, but a passion. The songs in Piano Spa were written since 1996, songs that are written where inspiration brings me.

This latest album contains songs that I wrote for my wedding in 2000, so do expect some romantic and warm-hearting melodies. So please buy for your other half as a beautiful gift, and play CD1 track 2: Love You Forever. And during the romantic dinner, play CD2 track 2: Candle Light. If you are getting married, play CD3 track 2: The Long Aisle.

Samples? You can listen to them here.

It’s never too early to get more music.

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