Here’s a sneak preview of my third and final Piano Spa album.

You can see that the theme is ‘sunflowers’.

My wife claims that this is the best album of the 3, although I felt that my 2nd album was better when I was developing this album.

But it’s not up to me to judge.

I’m just happy that there is a different style associated with each Piano Spa series.

And I’m glad that Warner Music is putting great effort in promoting the albums.

And as I type this post, I am in the midst of preparing my next album, hopefully a real solo album. An album with my name printed on the cover. An album where it is catalogue under ‘Chester Tan’ as artiste and not ‘Various Artistes’. An album that contains at most 12 tracks of quality compositions – not 30.

But why complain? I actually got 4 albums totaling 90 tracks published!

And by mid-year, I’ll have another one.

It’s really easy to come up with compositions. All I need is time.

* For the record, the 4 albums in my discography are Timeless (Nov 2004), Piano Spa (May 2005), Piano Spa 2 (July 2006), Piano Spa 3 (Feb 2007). All the 16 ‘Timeless’ tracks are compiled in Piano Spa 2, therefore the total number of published compositions is 90.


  1. Chester, rem the music composer/producer friend I told u about before?

    Joe-Nathan says:
    i think he got talent as a composer, maybe you can tie us up? i’m developing an concept of an instrumental album involving Music N Photography this year, maybe he can help me out on the concept?

    Buzz me when u see me on MSN 🙂

  2. Greetings!

    My name is Ivan Ng and I am a piano enthusiast. Lately, I felt that I wanted to play Majulah Singapura on the piano, and despite hours of intense searching, I could not find it. If you have the music piano notes of Majulah Singapura, please send it to, it would be greatly appreciated,

    Your fellow Singaporean,
    Ivan Ng

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