It suddenly occurred to me that my life could be completely changed once Baby arrives to this world. I have yet to evaluate the impact to my lifestyle. All I am certain is: it will be changed.

Am I ready for this? I don’t know.

Already, I am expected to prepare for Baby’s arrival. Prams, food, clothes, feeding bottles, sterilising equipment, and so on. But when people asked me how’s the preparation, I always replied, “What preparation?”

Last night I went to bed early coz my wife wanna me to sleep at the same time as her. She told me she couldn’t sleep the night before because I wasn’t around.

I constantly reminded myself that it is not easy to carry a baby in your tummy for 9 months. At least it’s not an activity or experience that you get a lot in your lifetime. It’s amazing how the human body adjusts itself to allow growth. I can imagine the discomfort she has to go through when Baby constantly kicks inside her tummy, when all the vital organs are re-aligned.

Life is amazing.

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