I have accomplished a lot, a lot for the past 7 days. I have completed my next Piano Spa album. I have completed editing all my wedding photos including creating the coffee-table books. In fact, I have nothing to do now.

I really wanted to spend time with my wife, and I did from 8 to 9.30pm, but I cannot stand watching the movies that I have seen before a few times over. Funny how people would watch a movie shown on TV but refused to insert the very same DVD movie, knowing well that the DVD is commercial-free and provides better quality – and uncensored too.

Right now, she is watching the period drama on Channel U, no doubt intriguing, but I am not a drama addict. It never fails to fascinate me how I could just walk away from a show without feeling the urge to know what happened next. It’s not that I don’t want to keep her company, but I feel wasted sitting in from of the TV getting glued to the drama with story plots that are so ridiculous it’s painful to watch. She always asked why the story unfolds in such a way, and I always answered animatedly: “It’s just a show!”

I felt very impolite to close the door to my study room to keep out the TV sound, so right now I am wearing my headphone and trying to compose something. But I wanted to give myself a break from composing original songs, so I decided to record another pop song. And even if nothing comes out of the recording session, at least I am distracted from the TV sounds.

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