To every negative action, there is an equal and positive reaction – Newton’s third law of motion, Orientalised.

I received this off-line message today:

Since these posts are left off-line, I have no chance to reply my thanks.

Yesterday, Vivien my office colleague ordered my Piano Spa CDs, so today I passed to her. Then hours later, I received a call from another of her team mate: she also wanted a copy of my Piano Spa.

Someone thought that this Piano Spa looked like a box of chocolates. Perhaps that’s why it’s a popular gift choice.

In contrast, Piano Spa 2 has a design that more people prefers.

Piano Spa and Piano Spa 2 is still available at major music stores like Gramophone, and especially That CD Shop, who has been most supportive in carrying stocks for the Piano Spa series. It should be selling around S$19.90.

And while you are enjoying all 60 songs (if you have both series), I am in the midst of completing Piano Spa 3. But don’t let that stop you from buying my first 2 albums. Each series has a different feel. PS1 is more spa-like, ambient New Age stuff. PS2 is more melodious, more song-like, a tinge towards emotive. PS3 will be more joyous and positive.

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