“I want to become the angel whom you love in the fairytale”

A touchingly beautiful song that I’d like to present in this blog, arguably Guang Liang’s best song, sweeping the Mandarin pop awards in 2005. I hate the karaoke-MTV though, coz the producers used the exact Music Video for the sing-along, but they forgot that they modified the song in the MV resulting in disjointed flow, thus disrupting the mood.

I did it in one take, again, followed by a few minutes to clean up some wrong notes.

Tong Hua (Guang Liang)
arr. Chester Tan

I’m getting quite tired of working on the tracks for my next album. Deadline is getting closer but I’m only a third completed. I hope that by doing some ad-hoc recording of some pop songs, I could get back the inspiration and momentum to go on.

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