Hmm, something is missing today …

Anyway, if you dropped by my Photography website, you would notice that I am offering wedding photography for 2007 with ‘limited date slots’, after advise from an industry veteran. Within 3 days, I received one enquiry for Feb, but I was not available on their requested date.

Thanks to Huirong who helped to spread some good tidings about my CNET Asia’s ‘Song Of The Year’ contest. Thanks also to Vivien, an office colleague who said she would be buying both Piano Spa and PS2. And Kai, chief photographer of Kalyedoscope Photographers who told me he accidentally bought my album from a petrol kiosk. Here’s his actual words:

…guess what. I recently bought a CD compilation off an SPC kiosk, it was the last one on the shelf, and I thought…hmm..i really do need some soothing music in my room and hence bought it without hesitation. I listened to the 2 disc briefly and most of the music I liked them cos it really helps relieves my very tense daily work. I also liked the name of the compilation. I kept it next to me for a month now, and started listening to the songs again. I looked at the cover, hmm..I like the design, liked the album.. then only today I realised it was by CHESTER TAN!!! hahahaha….damn!! hhahahaha…

I have been listening to your music without realising it! hahaha…what a dumbo i have been! hahaha…i could not stop laughing to myself just now.

I am 9 songs away to completing PS3, but only 7 days left to deadline. Can I make it?

Oh, I know what’s missing. The rain – it stopped.

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