Today I visited my skincare centre for my regular facial treatment at Ngee Ann City. My wife had a redemption voucher for some FPL treatment but expires this month. Since it is not suitable for pregnant people, I decided to try it.

FPL stands for Fluorescent Pulsed Light. The treatment is supposed to rejuvenate the skin to give it a smoother and revitalised feel. I do not have any appreciation for these stuffs – it’s really a beauty thing (I’m short of saying “It’s a woman’s thing” but realised that nowadays even men are very particular about such treatment) and I’m not really into beautifying myself – yet. Anyway, the treatment supposedly worthed $350. My wife thought that my skin did look better after the treatment. Right now I am feeling a mild itching sensation which is supposed to be normal.

After the treatment, I proceeded to meet my wedding couple client at Shaw Centre. A heavy rain ensued and the temporary sheltered walkway between Orchard MRT station and Wisma Atria was being put to the test. You never realised how many people actually took the route, and it simply showed the management of the nearby development project not to take things for granted. We had to literally queue to take the route, and it was a really slow, careful and long shuffle – about 5 minutes I believe.

After the fruitful discussion, my wife and I did some Christmas shopping for our families, and we were quite happy with the purchases. And so we’re now back home: I’ve taken a bath, did laundry, while my wife wrapped the gifts.

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