I was about to type “The rain finally stopped” for this post, but then it just started again 10 minutes ago. Amazing how much clouds we get this time of the year. By 6pm, the sky was covered with thick dark clouds so thick that it looked like night, like doomsday, like ‘The Matrix’.

I went to my friend’s house after dinner. She is getting married next week and I went to collect her childhood photos for pre-wedding montage. Her house is about 15 minutes walk from my house, but the rain made it felt forever.

It’s been a long time since I got drenched in the rain from the knee down. I remember getting so drenched when I was young that the shoe squeaked with every step I took. Walking in the rain gives me a good feeling. Seeing the raindrops lighted by the street lamps made me wish that I could capture the moment in photos. Alas, rain photography is one area that is very hard to achieve. Too fast shutter and you can’t see the rain pattern. Too slow shutter and the rain becomes lines. The effect is best with backlit heavy rain, but you risk getting your equipment wet under the circumstances. So, better just enjoy the moment.

I completed mixing 2 of the “Victorian Days” musical tracks and was quite pleased with the quality. Thank goodness Gilbert the recording engineer did some pre-mix before passing to me, and made my mastering much easier.

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