‘Majulah’ means ‘progress’ in Malay. ‘Majulah Singapura’ is our national anthem.

Miraculously, I completed 4 more songs last night, thus bringing the total track count to 19. Another 11 more songs and the album is ready to go.

Once PS3 (Piano Spa 3, not Playstation 3!) is launched, I will have 90 published compositions. That will be more songs than Kevin Kern, who got 7 albums of 10-11 tracks each (so total about 70+). It sounds silly to compare such things, but it’s a benchmark for me.

Incidentally, if Warner Music were to sell my songs in 10-track solo albums, they would have 9 albums. Alas, after 2 albums (and a third coming up), I still don’t have a single album with my name on the CD cover. Then again, who am I to ask? These record labels knows the business better than me. Yes they do. They know that a babelicious female singer or a cool male artiste can generate more revenue than a dull instrumentalist who writes music that soothes the listener into relaxed mode (read: boredom). And I agree.

It’s just the nature of the industry. You need fast music and good looks to make heads turn and monies roll. It’s more than just songs and albums for the artiste of this century: an artiste is a product, a brand. So even if you got the best compositions or the best vocals, it’s not enough for the record labels. Music alone cannot survive without entertainment.

In short, the music industry is taken over by the entertainment industry.

That’s the price of progress.

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