2006 is finally over. Strange, as we grow older, time seems to pass by more quickly. I suppose it’s because we tend to be able to manage our time better, meaning, we have more things in our minds to keep us occupied and not feeling bored. Or it could be that we have too many things to do but too little time, as is the case for me.

Having a full-time job in an infocomms company is already keeping me occupied. And outside work, I have many other hobbies to keep my life busy. Not forgetting those private moments that I really need for myself.

Today I was doing some housekeeping on my computer harddisks. I realised that my 100GB partition is not enough to hold both my music and photo projects together, so I split them into separate partitions.

What have I accomplished in 2006?

1) I’ve delved into wedding photography, and doing well.
2) I’ve released one music album, Piano Spa 2.
3) My first Piano Spa album are selling in Japan and Korea.
4) I’ve written my first commercial musical, Victorian Days, with Musical Theatre Society, and was performed twice, in the Esplanade Recital Studio and NAFA.
5) I’ve started to blog.
6) I’ve set up a photography studio with Philip.
7) I’ve purchased a lot of photographic equipment to gear me up with serious work.
8) I’ve upgraded my PC to AMD dual-core and dual-monitor.
9) I’ve impregnated my wife.
10) I’ve survived another year on Earth.

Here’s wishing everyone good health and happiness.

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