Yesterday was my close friend’s wedding. We have known each other for over 16 years – more than half of my life.

Rain had been merciful yesterday. It never rained a drop throughout the ceremony until the outdoor shoot, where it drizzled and threatened to go further. We spent all our shoot at the Fullerton underpass and the basement of Fullerton Hotel. When we left the place, the rain had stopped.

Then the sky could not contain any further and stormed through the afternoon and well into the evening. But that’s fine.

I’m glad her wedding turned out all right. She has been worrying for the past few months during the preparations and the guest list (which is normal). Then she asked me to do a childhood montage in the eleventh week (read: one week before). I managed to pull it through convincingly, but alas the ballroom is too big and projection screen too small for the guests behind to enjoy.

And internet-users will know that a big part of their lives went missing when the underground cable in Taiwan got snapped due to the massive earthquake. That set a lot of people thinking about their lives.

Indeed, if one day the Internet would be shut down in its entirety, what would the world be? Ironic, because we lived in that world 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the economical progress is closely dependent on this medium.

In one of the days last week, I forgot to bring my mobile phone to work. That must had been one of the most relieving days I’ve ever lived for the past 10 years. No one can contact me, I don’t have to contact anyone. Some people might felt helpless, but to me it’s like being free from the ‘system’ – like The Matrix.

I wonder what life will be without being contactable at all times, without the Internet.

I reckon life will be slow, but blissful. And I would like that. Of course, that also means I may not be able to find such great online comics like ‘What The Duck’.

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