It’s another new month, my second month of blogging. I have also completed PC migration and now using my new AMD PC. I did some overclocking and it looks and feels good, so now my productivity is back to my usual levels. Now with both my monitor displays in operation, I should be able to work more effectively.

SITEX looks tempting and the only reason to go is to buy Aunty Linda’s home PC for her kids, my cousins. But after looking through all the SITEX brochures scanned by enthusiasts, I will probably get DELL brand via online order. I must say though that some offers look rather tempting. I would like to get a new set of keyboards, a new faster wireless router with USB printer port, sign-up QMax islandwide Wi-Fi service to get a free Creative webcam, sign-up Hardwarezone’s DMC membership.

I just spotted the new Nikon D40 at MS Colour this evening. Someone was already trying it out. The selling price? $990, includes the kit lens. Unbeatable price. A test shot shows that the image is very sharp even when shot with the kit lens. I suppose this is due to the default sharpening setting made to impress the lay person. However, if you are so very interested to get D40, one word of caution:

D40 does not support screw-threaded AF lens

What it means to me is that half of my lenses’ AF cannot work on this body. What it means to you is that you would have to buy more expensive AF-S lenses.

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