Usually when I shoot weddings, I worry that I would oversleep for the morning ceremony. Today, I overslept for the dinner banquet! It was totally unlike me. I never experienced such mishap before.

I slept at 2.30pm, set alarm at 4.30pm, knowing that a 2-hour sleep is sufficient and a single alarm would wake me up. Instead, I was woken by a phone call at 6.38pm. When I realised the sky has approached darkness, I knew I was in trouble. I promised the couple to be on location at 5.30pm to capture the bridal make-up. I ended up arrived at the ballroom at 7.25pm. The guests are streaming in, and I quickly blended in and started doing my job.

On the way to the banquet, I was trying to recall whether I heard the alarm. You know sometimes when alarm rings, you would turn it off and go back to sleep, but at least you remembered you woke up to turn the alarm off? I don’t remember doing that today. I can’t believe it. No way. Impossible. But it happened.

It will be a lesson learnt, that I need more than 1 alarm for all important events. Mistakes of time can never be redeemed.

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