A reader-friend told me my blog is too technical. She has no idea what is ‘AMD’. Paiseh, how I wish I could simplify things, but sometimes it’s better to leave things unsaid than to explain the wrong way. Afterall, there is always GOOGLE!

Anway, AMD is the strongest competitor of Intel (if you don’t know what ‘Intel’ is, you are not fit to use the computer… kidding!).

Do expect technical stuffs popping out from my blog. Afterall, my blog covers some serious creative, artistic, technological, occasionally philosophical, issues. Whatever the case, shout if you need clarification from me.

I always find posting articles and maintaining an informative portal useful not just for visitors, but also for me. Recently, I sold off my shoebox PC, a Creative SLIX unit. I simply referred to a post I created during my purchase a year back. That post contains all the technical specifications as well as detailed description and some thoughts about why I bought the unit and the specs I went for. Now that I have just bought my latest AMD baby, I’ll be doing the same too, but only after I completed my ‘migration’. This time round, my strategy is a little more different: I want the migration to be seamless so as not to disrupt my photography and music progress.

Err… has this post been too technical again?

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