Another week has passed. Lemme check what I have achieved and what I have not.

I’ve completed one arrangement for my musical, Victorian Days. I could have done another one if not for the PC crash which affected my mood.

I’ve completed composing a song for a Taiwanese singer and has submitted for evaluation.

I’ve recorded a demo song written by Jaslyn and myself, but is looking for a female singer to present the song faithfully.

I’m still editing photos from the previous wedding assignment.

I’ve spent money on some classic Transformers toys, and I should be getting a new LCD monitor later in the afternoon if there is time. I’m still contemplating if I should get a new harddisk to upgrade my existing workhorse PC. Strangely, I have never thought of upgrading the entire processor, mainly because of the continuing evolution of new technology which I feel has yet to mature. Besides, I feel that my PC is running pretty fast already, and I do not feel there is any lag in performing my daily tasks.

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