Everytime I upgrade my PC, I get a technological shock. It took me barely 15 minutes to complete the installation of Windows XP from scratch onto my latest PC. What more can I say? My only concern is whether AMD will respond well to my E-MU 1820M soundcard.

I watched “Happy Feet” last evening (trivia: Happy Feet tops the opening weekend box-office sales in the U.S., beating “007: Casino Royale”). Animation is fantastic and CGI very realistic. The animation are very life-like, it looked just like “The March of the Penguins”, except for the speaking part. Come to think of it, next time there’s no need to film actual footages of wild animals in action: just animate them.

Voiceover is also excellent and top-notch. The only dread is the song-and-dance element, which uses mostly old pop songs and re-arranged along the lines of Moulin Rouge. The storyline is not very convincing and the jokes aren’t very tickling. If you are expecting Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks style of comedic antics, this is not going to impress you. There is far too much tapping and singing that I reckon if these are taken away the movie will fall flat as a B-grade cartoon movie. But I must applaud the film creators for using this element to drive the movie and make it watchable. There are also a few adrenaline moments which can be used as a theme ride in an amusement park. It’s also a potential Broadway musical material, but it’ll look silly for the cast to dress up like penguins (think “The Lion King” musical – bleah!), colourful and entertaining no doubt, but SILLY. The producers have thought it all to make it a money-spinner, don’t they?

What touched me is the realism of the message: Antarctic wildlife has been messed up by humans fishing in the area. I liked the way humans are portrayed as ‘aliens’, and the way the fishing ships are being animated to look really like alien invasion.

Go watch “The March of the Penguins” if you want to learn more about the life of the Emperor penguins, then you will appreciate how “Happy Feet” portrays these beautiful animals faithfully in the looks and behaviour.


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