‘Siam’ is not referring to the ancient name of Thailand, but a Hokkien dialect term meaning ‘out of the way’.

On average, I receive about 50 spam emails on my email accounts. It’s amazing how spammers crawl the world wide web on sites to find email accounts and to blast them with promises of better performances for bedroom activities. And once your email is in their system, you can never get rid of it. Even though there are anti-spam applications, some important emails do get classified as spam so you have to review your spam folder still. And it doesn’t help by blocking emails coz spammers fake the email originator.

Many resort to switching email address regularly, but that means people lost contact with you, and that’s not a wise move. What I do to resolve this problem is to check my mail via my mobile phone, then delete the spams. So what is left before I download to my home PC are the real personal emails. It saves download bandwidth and prevents spams and potential viruses to be stored.


  1. I tell you what’s worse man…
    Me going home everyday, hoping for a certain M* to email me, only to come upon 3 dozen emails ranging from ‘call me!’ ‘i’ve been thinking of you since the other day!’ ‘Cialis/Viagra at affordable prices NOW!’, all of which are spam. -_-

    *refer to blog @ http://www.winterealm.com

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