I had to choose between going to Sim Lim to get my new LCD monitor and doing grocery shopping with my pregnant wife who cannot carry heavy stuffs. I had to choose the latter. I guess I can always wait for the monitor purchase since I’ve waited for so many months. Besides, I would like to review my existing PC specs and maybe add a few more purchases on my list, e.g. new HDD.

I realised that the shoebox PC crashed not simply it’s because of corrupted software, but I think the whole harddisk is crashed. When I tried to do some recovery using Norton Ghost, both partitions on the harddisk is empty. Any attempt to read would prompt a ‘not formatted’ error.

Scary! I immediately did backups and clone my current working PC’s partition. Cannot afford to have downtime! Crash is ok, but my precious data cannot be gone!!!

Having said that, I always believe in destiny. Sometimes, whatever and however much things you do or not do, the opposite always happens. For instance, you can do all the backups you want, but when disaster happens, you might find your stuffs unrecoverable and backups don’t work. And then some people never backup and yet their PC never crashes. In other words, if life is meant to be miserable and down, it will make you miserable and down.

Therefore, be content. Think of yourself now. Can things be better? Absolutely. Can things be worse? You bet. But how are things now?

I don’t earn big salary, I don’t get lots of photo assignments, I’m not even getting much public attention in my music career. But be happy with what I have achieved. It could be worse, it would be good if it’s better, but it’s still good now. And even if there are some unhappy happenings, always be thankful that they are not catastrophic. Count your blessings, not your misfortunes.

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