Applied leave from work to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my wife. It’s one of those rare days when we have time for each other throughout the day. Most weekends, I would be stuck at my PC or busy with activities outside the house.

I managed to borrow my parent’s car. We first drove to the famous prawn mee store near Kallang MRT. Then we drove to Vivocity hoping to catch ‘Casino Royale’. We are amazed at the long queue at the cinema: I have never seen such a long queue for years! So we ended up buying tickets at the AXS booth for the show at Great World City. We walked around for an hour, had a delicious Ben and Jerry’s ‘Strawberry and Cheesecake’ flavoured ice cream, then headed down to Great World City. In contrast, the cinema there is deserted.

If you asked me, ‘Casino Royale’ is not a bad movie. Indeed, it has none of the gadgets that we would expect from 007 (Q is not even featured in the film). For one, I don’t care if James Bond is good looking or the Bond girls are pretty. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If there is a benchmark for beauty, then all movie producers would be clamouring for only a few hot actors/actresses. In my view, Daniel Craig exudes confidence that classifies him as a great Bond, and the other Bond girls also acts very well.

We should view ‘Casino Royale’ as the prequel to the Bond franchise, a tale to set the character for the couple dozen stories that follows. This prequel helps us to understand why Bond never commits relationships and how he learns not to trust people. It’s Bond-in-the-making, so give the guy some credit.

After the show, we headed down to Ellenborough Market Cafe at Swissotel Merchant Court for a buffet dinner. Sad to say, the food quality has dropped rather drastically. They now serve ‘cheap’ food like friend spring rolls, ‘ngoh hiang’, and the sashimi and oysters are not fresh. The saving grace has to be the desserts, and even so, the Durian Pengat (mousse) tasted rather acidic. Still, it’s not the food but the company.

We reached home at 9pm and continued the evening with a DVD ‘The Producers’. Hilarious.

It felt good to drop everything else – including music, photography, technology and all else – to do what a couple should do: spending time wholeheartedly for each other. In this industrialised commercial world, such activities are a luxury. Treasure it.


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