Feliza blogged about love and relationship, and it’s so very interesting to hear this from a lady’s perspective. I thought if I were to change the gender references, it would very much still apply to males. Try it yourself: click the above link and substitute the male references to female, and vice versa.

The only probable difference is that instead of feeling threatened by younger gender for men, we are probably more threatened by guys who are mature/older (but still look young!), established in career with disposable income and style to impress ladies, and good looking. Don’t they get all the attention? But that’s just my view.

Anyway, I’m way past the stage, coz I’m married and has been through all the heart-wrenching time-consuming (but bitter-sweet) process. Looking back, I was glad I found someone whom I can share my life with wholeheartedly. Her personality outshines any physical imperfections. Marriage is not above possession and victory: it’s about commitment and completing your life.

Feliza’s view is a testimony that men and women are more and more equal. In fact, I always believed that women industrialised nations are already the more superior sex. This notion however cannot be applied worldwide because there are more developing countries that contains women that are not treated above men. Therefore, statistically, women are still the weaker gender.


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