In keeping up with the trends, I did a late night shopping today. No, it wasn’t at some fanciful shopping malls but with a studio lights supplier, Kenneth of SGStealth Photography. I accompanied my business partner-friend to purchase some lighting equipment with a shoe-string budget. My friend runs a media solutions company and is branching out to provide in-house photographic solutions. We went to the supplier’s house at 9.30pm and after some decision-making and a detailed product training, we left at about 11pm. We drove back to his office to dump the equipment. Now that the equipment is in, we have to clear the room, install the backdrop brackets, and do some test shots and then we’re ready for business!

Today I had to clean up the house coz my part-time cleaner sprained her hand. Funny thing is: it felt easier than I thought. Now that my wife is pregnant, I have to do most of the strenuous housework like laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, washing the toilet.

Afternoon went to Plaza Singapura Atrium to watch a performance segment by ‘Five Foot Broadway’ under the ‘Project Greenfield’ event. Tanya performed 2 songs and Fred was the coordinator for the half-hour presentation. Visit their blogs (see links on right) to see what (and whether) they blogged about the event.

And here’s the weekly task check:

Completed one arrangement for Victorian Days

Still editing photos from the wedding assignment

Bought a new AMD-based PC and in the midst of migrating over from my old Intel-based system. This explains why my productivity is so low this week.

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