A few weeks ago, Jaslyn was feeling down, and I told her to channel her emotions into writing songs. So on 22 Oct, she managed to pen down something and sent to me. Within 15 minutes, I filled it with melody, albeit cliche angst feel, basic chord progression, like Alanis Morissette. Music is about expressing emotions, and when you achieve that, the melody and lyrics become one.

It was only till today that a vocal track was added to formally complete the song creation process.

Song Title – It’s All About You (Piano Version)
Lyrics – Jaslyn Teo
Music – Chester Tan
Copyright 2006 Jaslyn Teo, Chester Tan. All rights reserved.

Also available at http://precious-jas.blogspot.com/ . Obviously the song is written for a female singer, but due to lack of available talent, we have to settle for a male singer who hasn’t done vocal works for 7 years. If you think you can sing the way it’s meant to express, email me for a recording session.


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