On 17 Nov, I was so contented of myself on having a smooth life. Today, destiny plays sport on me: I got no display output on my monitors.

This morning, before I went to work, I switched on the PC. I normally don’t do that, but I thought I needed to download some files to my portable harddisk-MP3. Moments later, I looked at the screen: nothing. Strange, could the PC have hung during bootup? I restarted the PC. No screen output. I feared that the new AGP card is faulty, and I was penting up the anger to be unleashed at the store I bought from. But when I inserted by old graphics card, the display did not return. I thought the worse-case scenario: the mainboard is at fault.

The mainboard is the infrastructure which all peripherals depend on. Replacing the mainboard is only a small aspect. Once the mainboard is replaced, you have to reconfigure all your peripherals. Worse, you might have to reinstall your OS because the mainboard may be made of a different chipset or architecture that is not compatible.

To make things worse (how many ‘worse’ words have I used?), my mainboard is over 2 years old and is using the old Pentium 478 CPU socket, which is shall-I-say obsolete. If I cannot find back the same mainboard or identical, I might have to buy a brand new PC. I reckon the only items I can reuse on my existing PC is the DVD Writer and my harddisks. The CPU, AGP card, RAM, are all obsolete.

I’m still deciding what to do. My heart tells me to get a new PC but my head says: save the money first and get a replacement mainboard. Tonight I will troubleshoot further to pinpoint the fault.

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