AHHH!!!! I forgot to blog on 9 Nov 2006! …. wait… now is 10 Nov 3am, can be considered as still 9 Nov night… heheee.

Anyway, why am I awake so early? Coz in 30 minutes’ time, I’ll be leaving home for a wedding shoot… yeah! The ceremony starts at 4am with the bridal make-up and I have to be there to capture the moments.

I always like waking up early early in the morning. Firstly, the air is cool, the environment tranquil. If I had a choice, I would like to wake up early early everyday like 4am, then I can do stuffs till 8am, then go to work, then after work, sleep early. I would like to do that, but only if I’m living alone. Woudn’t wanna wreck the routine with my wife.

It’s surprising to see more people logging on to MSN at this time than at 9am.

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