It’s no longer an easy task. No, I’m not talking about the weight of carrying the stuffs home, but the availability.

Decades ago, whichever grocery shop you go to, you are bound to get the brand and type of grocery you need. That’s partly because you always see those few household names which everyone is familiar with and the stores tend to keep stock of such brands.

Now with the influx of new brands, be it due to new products, new technology, new packaging or mere copycats, are consumers really better off with more choices, or does it lead to more confusion?

Even existing brands are forever coming out with varied ‘flavours’ and changing packaging every other year. It really doesn’t help when counterfeit products are on the rise.

Then there is the difference in country of manufacture. Australian-recipe Milo tastes better than Malaysian-formula. Kit-Kat now comes with ‘Made In UK’ variant. Thailand-made are sold cheaper.

Best thing is, most grocery chains are so good at their inventory management, they don’t always carry all the ‘flavours’ of a certain brand. Then again, if they were that good, how come there are stock-out situations for slow-moving regular items like ‘Coffee-Mate’ creamer?

This is why I ended up doing grocery shopping at another location yesterday when I could have gotten it from the store next to my office.

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