There are things that happened today that is worth mentioning here, but my brain is too tired to process these events into words. But at the very least, allow me to do a brain dump.

Found out my colleague who is 4 months pregnant is also using the same gynae as ours! She shared some old wives’ tale on how to check the sex of the baby using the string-and-ring method.

Met my uni friend for dinner. She just returned from Australia after some serious musicianship training and internship. Now that she’s back, she is looking for employment in churches as full-time musician. We all had a good laugh catching up.

Weather has been good for the early part of the week. Clear blue skies and bright sun. But at the later part of week, it began to rain and weather became cooling. I like both types of weather: the ones I hate is hot-humid and cloudy-grey, both conditions unfavourable for photo-taking.

Finished one song arrangement for Victorian Days, the musical which was performed in June. This new symphonic arrangement will be sung and recorded into a demo CD album for promotional distribution. 2 done, 2 to go.

Tomorrow’s the start of another weekend, and hopefully more inspiring compositions and interesting photographic moments during ballet classes .

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