8.47pm …
When I typed the above title, I recalled the scene where Dumbledore (of Hogwarts School of Magic) used his magic wand to sift out memories and store it in a magical storage pot (whatever). Yes, by blogging, you can free your memory space, and in case you need to recall, just read through the posts again.

10 years ago, I carried out a personal musical project: Music Diary – a new composition a day. I did it over 30 days. Now, I hope to blog every single day, or else I wouldn’t call this my ‘diary’. Imagine a day without events, without thoughts. Yes, that’s the day when you are dead.

But there will be exceptions when a blog entry doesn’t appear, like if I don’t have access to the Internet.

OK I better work on my next album. Right now. Am now.

11.16pm …
I have finally completed composing, arranging, recording and mixing my first track for my next album, hopefully with my name stamped on the front cover. So far, none of my albums had my name credited as the artist: they are all classified as ‘various artists’. So many people who bought the albums asked me: “Where’s my name?” and I always answer: “It’s inside the CD cover.”

The title of this song is ‘Far Away From Home’. If you want to hear it, you have to wait for the album launch!!!

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