The last photo captured before the camera was assaulted by the incoming champagne. The bride looked in shock :”Oh no! Have to pay damages for the equipment! Do I have enough ang pow money?” … Hahahaha, joking lah.

30 days, 35 posts. I successfully blogged every single day of the month of November. Today I read a health article that claims that sitting at a 135-degree position (i.e. sitting back on the chair) is more beneficial to the back than sitting upright, and the best position is actually lying down, though we can’t be productive in that position (except doing bed business). Yeah! No more nagging from parents to “sit-up straight”. Oh, have you also heard that exercise is bad for your health? Ok, ok. I’m pushing it too far.

“What The Duck” is one of my favourite comic strips. The jokes revolve around photography. In months to come, you will get to see more tickling strips as I share with you the ones I love the most on my blog. But if you can’t wait, just google and find the homepage to read all the strips illustrated so far.
I also like “Dilbert” but because Dilbert’s comic strips are copyright controlled, I can’t post it here. Again, google it to enjoy and appreciate office politics.

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