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2016 In Summary: Best Products Reviewed

2016 is an exceptional year for me and my blog. I published 144 articles, averaging 12 posts per month. I reviewed almost 40 headphones and earphones, 5 speakers, around 20 smartphones and tablets, 15 wearables, 11 cameras, and 5 cars. Every single product tested and … continue

My First 10 Days Of April 2016

I have not published a personal entry in my blog for a long time. When I started the blog back in 2006, I wrote more personal stuff. Nowadays, I have a lot more products to review. But once a while, I feel like writing some personal insights to … continue

From Blogger to WordPress

I started using Google Blogger from Nov 2006. Back then, WordPress was already a competitive platform for blogging. I could not recall the reason for picking Blogger, but I suspect it has got to do with the familiarity of Google brand.   Over the past … continue

Music.Photo.Tech.Digest: 10 May 2015

It’s Mother’s Day today, and knowing my mum reads my blog regularly, I would like to let her know that she is always someone that I care for and in my mind and for whom I am thankful for what I am today, for better … continue

Music.Photo.Tech.Digest: 25 Jan 2015

Writing this digest is keeping me disciplined. Every digest is actually completed within a morning. This is different from my other blogs where I could take several days to complete. This tests my spontaneity in producing articles, a refreshing challenge to cut down on procrastination, … continue

EPSON New Projectors – Blogger Event 16 Dec 2011

I spent this evening at the first-ever EPSON blogger event and they impressed me with some innovative projector products. After all, EPSON is the number one projector maker for 10 consecutive years since 2001. EPSON MG-850HD Plug your Apple product – iPhone, iPad, iPod – … continue

Dell Media Blogger Event @ Scotts Highpark

Companies are working hard to impress the social networking folks! For this Dell event, we were invited to a fully-furnished apartment at Scotts Highpark to showcase Dell’s latest lifestyle products and how they integrate into our homes. From all-in-one touchscreen computers to gaming notebooks and … continue

Guide to Twitter for My Friends

Some of my friends recently got interested in Twitter, so I decide to do this post to get them started. What’s Twitter for? Twitter is a platform where users post messages called “tweets”, and followers receive these tweets. Why do that? Twitter allows you to … continue

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