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Any.DO: Task List App Review

There are many to-do and task apps in the market, but none of them could convince me to actually use one. I do invest time in using note-based apps, and my favourites are Color Notes and Catch. I use Color Notes because of its widgets, … continue

Enjoying Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 has launched since 26 Oct 2012. I am one of the few among my peers who have embraced the new Windows OS. I was so pleased with the initial Windows experience that I actually bought a new laptop to fully enjoy the … continue

Remote Access Android From PC

If you are looking for apps to access your smartphones via computers, TeamViewer has released one. The free app TeamViewer QuickSupport for Samsung smartphones and tablets enables you to remotely control these devices. The app supports Samsung phones and tablets with original firmware and Android operating … continue

Microsoft Windows 8 Pro: Upgrade?

As part of the invite to the Microsoft Windows 8 launch yesterday at the Esplanade Roof Terrace Singapore, I received a version upgrade DVD (VUP) of the next-generation operating system. Upgrade Me? While I am extremely excited to embrace the new Windows experience, I have … continue

Instagram for Android

Gene Goh, a good friend who is a great wedding and lifestyle photographer, is also an Android phone user. Like me, he has been waiting for the launch of Instagram on Android. This morning at 2am, it is finally live. Here’s his brief note, published … continue

Dropbox Version History Saves My Day

For the past few days, I have been working on a Powerpoint presentation on my Windows desktop. Little by little, I added the slides and by late afternoon, I had an almost complete product. At some point in time, I saved it and went out … continue

Updating iPhone 3GS to iOS 5

Over its useful product life, the iPhone 3GS experienced 2 major iOS updates, from the factory-released iOS 3 to the present iOS 5. I must say it is certainly the most value-for-money smartphone I have owned. I managed to update my phone within 12 hours … continue

How to Create iPhone Ringtones and Use in iPhone

Ever wonder why most iPhone users use the same ringtones? That’s because Apple ringtone format is proprietory. However, there are many apps that can help you do that easily. Technically-speaking, as long as you can convert any music file to .M4A format, then rename it … continue

MortPlayer Music: Android App Review

Do you use the Android phone as a music player in your car? Do you find that it’s a hassle to use it while driving? One, the touchscreen turns off after a while (unless you plug the car kit which keeps the screen alive). Two, … continue

WhatsApp on Symbian – Beta

Woohoo! WhatsApp is now open for public beta for Symbian phones running Nokia S60 3rd or 5th edition. The App (no pun intended) is available free for 90 days, after which US$1.99 per year applies. Eh, what’s WhatsApp? In a nutshell, it is an application … continue

Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

Those who follow me in Facebook or Twitter would know that I just purchased a new Intel i5 Core processor PC installed with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS. Why upgrade to Windows 7? Well, I completely skipped Vista, but Vista did have some visual improvements. … continue

Flickr on iPhone by Yahoo! Mobile

A new Flickr application for iPhone was recently launched by Yahoo! Mobile. I had a try on my colleague’s iPhone, and believe it, this is the first time I touched and used the iPhone 3G. iPhone’s large screen makes the viewing experience great. Be it … continue

And then there is Google Picasa 3 (beta)

My friend read about my blog on Google Chrome and he asked me, “So, are you going to review Picasa 3 as well?” I was like:”What? Picasa 3 is already out?” Funny how things just came when you least expected it. I quickly installed it … continue

Google Chrome Blazes!

This morning, I read on the Straits Times about the new browser by Google called Chrome. Upon reaching the office, I installed it on my office laptop and tried it. And my, it simply blazes! Websites load so fast! The window is so clean and … continue

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