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Nikon D7500 Review: 8fps Midrange DSLR

My first digital SLR was a Nikon D70, which was Nikon’s first mid-range DSLR. I then upgraded to the D200, D300 and finally the D600, before I called it a day and retired all my Nikon gear because I stopped shooting professionally. The latest D7500 … continue

D-Link DCS-8100LH Review: 180-Degree Wi-Fi Camera

Most IP cameras have limited angle of view, generally around 120-degrees. For those who needed a wide coverage, they usually get cameras that can pan and tilt, though they can look bulky and intimidating. Here on review is the D-Link DCS-8100LH home camera that offers … continue

Freecam C330A Review: Mobile WiFi Camera

After a successfully positive review of the Blink Security Camera that runs on 2x AA lithium batteries for up to 2 years, I am excited to share with you yet another battery-operated WiFi camera. FREECAM is manufactured by LSVT (Shenzhen Leshi Video Technology). Founded in … continue

LAUT QUINT-X2 USB Charger Review

LAUT is a company who designs and manufactures smartphone accessories. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with offices in Hong Kong and USA, their catalogue are mostly accessories for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Samsung Galaxy S7/S8, like casings, cables, chargers, screen protectors. The iPhone casings are quite gorgeous, … continue

Logitech BRIO Review: 4K Ultra HD Webcam

For decades, my desktop never had a webcam, and somehow I did not feel that I needed one. Unlike compact cameras, webcams are built for only one purpose, that is to exist next to the monitor. Then as mobile phones became mainstream and camera quality … continue

Top 100 Camera Blogs: I’m Number 74

Feedspot just did a ranking of the Top 100 Camera Websites & Blogs For Camera Enthusiasts. Music Photo Life is selected by their panelist as one of the Top 100 Camera Blogs on the web, ranked number 74. Feedspot is an RSS reader, which stands for Rich Site Summary (or Really Simple … continue

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