VE Monk Plus: $5 Earphones that Audiophiles Hate to Love

VE Monk Plus earphones - review by musicphotolife.com

When the audiophiles themselves swear by this US$5 retro earphones by Venture Electronics, I find it hard to ignore. So I ordered a pair from AliExpress (buy link here), and reached me within 3 weeks.

VE Monk Plus earphones - review by musicphotolife.com

My verdict? The mids are forward, the highs have enough sparkle, the bass sounds roomy but lacks tightness. Not much sub-bass feel since the audio is not sealed in-ear, but delivers the warmth without the veils.

VE Monk Plus earphones - review by musicphotolife.com

Venture Electronics is a China-based company with an attitude. Their goal is to manufacture headphones at the lowest price without sacrificing sound quality. From what I hear, I believe they have made it.

Not everyone will enjoy the VE Monk Plus earphones, not because it is not good, but because it does not deliver the typical clear-highs big-bass sound that wows consumers. Tracks that are already heavy in mids might not sing well with this earphones too. But for listeners who detest in-ear headphones should check them out. Somehow, the VE Monk Plus earphones make digital music more analog-sounding.

VE Monk Plus earphones - review by musicphotolife.com

Official product website: http://www.veclan.com/

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